How to Check LPG Subsidy Request Status | Also Check if Subsidy Amount Transferred or not

When the government launched the PAHAL scheme, many people criticized it. Today, every domestic consumer is getting the benefit of direct transfer of subsidy. Consumers purchase the cylinder at the market rate and receive subsidy in their bank accounts. It has provided the profit and savings of the total Rs. 59,599 crores till March 2019. Besides, 4.23 crore duplicate consumers were eliminated from the PAHAL scheme.

If your family has an annual income of more than 10 lakh, then you are not allowed to get subsidies. However, to check the LPG subsidy by Payment Status, you have to follow legal procedures. In this article, every essential detail regarding the LPG subsidy is mentioned.


How to receive LPG Subsidy?

The PAHAL scheme brought certain benefits for the citizens and government as well. The LPG consumers should register themselves into the PAHAL scheme to receive LPG subsidy. The first thing is to fill-up the form to enrol yourself in the DBTL scheme. If you are already registered in this scheme, there are only two options to get the LPG subsidy. It will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account. 

You need Aadhaar card, and if you don’t have then also you will receive the subsidy. In the second case, link your consumer number with the bank account. Even after doing all things, you might not receive an allowance due to various reasons. Therefore, go through the points to check the LPG subsidy payment status. The forms of linking Aadhaar number with the bank branch and LPG agency are available at the link http://petroleum.nic.in/dbt/forms.html

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Methods to Check Subsidy Status Online

Each LPG company has its procedure to assist the consumers in checking Gas subsidy status online. In India, there are mainly three LPG companies, including Bharat Gas, HP Gas, and Indane. They allow the consumers to check subsidy payment easily with the help of their website. 

Checking Subsidy Status for Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas is listed in the Fortune 500 company. More than 42 million receive their cylinder from this company. Bharat Petroleum owns it. It is serving in the untouched rural areas too. To check the subsidy status, do the following:

  • Customers registered to the Bharat Gas service provider have to visit its official website to find the enrollment status. 
  • Open any browser in your smartphone or PC, and open the link https://my.ebharatgas.com/bharatgas/Home/IndexAt the homepage, you can find plenty of options for you. 
  • Click “Check PAHAL status” located on the middle right side. 
  • Provide necessary details like Aadhaar number, 17-digit LPG consumer number, and your mobile number too. 
  • If you don’t have an Aadhaar card, select another option. Now, enter all the information like state name, district, distributor name and the most important thing is your consumer number
  • After fulfilling all the details, click on the “Proceed” option to check the required status

Checking Subsidy Status for HP Gas

HP Gas is a brand being operating under Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. The total annual capacity of this company is 3610 thousand metric tonnes. There are 48 bottling plants across the country.

  • Take out your phone or turn on the PC. Open a browser and go to the link https://www.hindustanpetroleum.com/LPGHome. This is the official site of HP gas.
  • Click on the link representing “Check PAHAL status.”
  • Consumers get two options to find the status. The first option asks to enter the distributor name, consumer number, or Aadhaar number. You can also provide LPG ID and click at “Proceed.”
  • The 2nd option requires state name, district name, distributor name, and consumer number,
  • After that, click “Proceed”. The subsidy status will be displayed on the screen.

Checking Subsidy Status for Indane Gas

  • Customers who buy Indane Gas, they are lucky because checking status is effortless. The procedure is comparable to what you did on the HP website.
  • Visit the link https://indane.co.in/transparency/about-portal.php
  • Click at “Check PAHAL Status”
  • First, add the name of your gas agency, LPG ID, or you can also provide Aadhaar number and consumer number. Click on “Proceed” after entering everything
  • The second option is to supply all the information related to the district, state, consumer number, and distributor name and then click “Proceed” to view the status.

The PAHAL scheme has caught the attention of international media. It has been honoured by getting included in the Guinness Book of world record. It has destroyed the black marketers’ industry that used to sell domestic cylinders at high prices. The above methods work except when the site of those companies is in maintenance. In any such thing happen, then you have to wait for a few days.

LPG Subsidy Helpline

For any doubt or questions, the government has also released a toll-free number for assistance. Consumers can contact the helpline 18003001947. Every customer of various LPG service providers can reach that number if they face any issue regarding subsidy. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has established a call centre. This will help Indian citizens to a great extent.

What can you do if the LPG subsidy is not coming to your Bank Account?

This is a common question put forward by the consumers of Bharat Gas, HP Gas, and Indane. According to the modified PAHAL scheme, the subsidy is directly sent to the respective domestic consumers who have registered themselves in the scheme. If the subsidy is not being credited to your account, there might be the following possibilities.

  • The cylinder has been delivered, but the subsidy was not credited because this is a 2-3 days process. Once the cylinder is delivered, you should wait for three days or maximum to 5 days. Check the account after five days.
  • Transactions happen automatically, but the server issue makes it difficult to send the subsidy. For this situation, visit the bank with your Aadhaar card and tell them what happened.
  • Sometimes, banks might tell you that they haven’t received a subsidy on your account. Only it can show you the real reason.

Check LPG Subsidy Amount (Payment) Status Indane,HP, Bharat Gas cylinder

Suppose you have booked a cylinder, and when the distributor delivers a cylinder to your home, the subsidy amount is transferred to your bank account after a few days. You can check it via net banking or visiting the bank branch. LPG companies also notify you of your number when the subsidy is transferred. 

I hope this content has answered all your questions and queries regarding the checking of LPG subsidy payment status. For more content like this, stay updated with our blog.

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