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Liquefied Petroleum Gas has become essential in every home of India. LPG cylinders reach to every household through a widespread network of distributors across the nation. The government has limited the number of subsidized cylinders per year to 12 per family that makes it easy to afford. Besides, LPG companies have leveraged the power of technology to facilitate booking a cylinder or getting a new connection.

All the major LPG service providers in India are – Bharat Gas, Indane Gas, and HP Gas. Now, you can quickly put forward refill requests online using an app, IVRS, or SMS method. 

Online Cylinder Booking | Indane, HP, Bharat LPG Gas Refill Request via Website,App, IVRS

Regardless of which LPG service provider you have registered, all of them have launched an online portal for your convenience. If you have a smartphone, then you can SMS or use the application provided by your LPG company. Pay for the booking through debit or credit card. Net banking is another option that you have.

However, you can’t just book LPG without being a registered customer. Once registered, you will get an ID and password that you can use to log in to the online portal. After logging in, you can monitor the status of your booking and choose to pay after the delivery. When someone book through the online portal, the order is forwarded to your distributor, and your need for an LPG cylinder is fulfilled in a few days. 

Benefits of LPG Gas refill request online

If you are thinking that visiting the dealership is a better option to book the cylinder, then that’s not true. The online portal is providing a much safer, more comfortable, and convenient way to books LPG cylinders. 

  • You have the freedom to choose the mode of payment among net banking and credit or debit card
  • No need to go to the booking counter at the dealership and stand for hours 
  • Addition charges to book online is zero
  • Track the status of your booking LPG anywhere and wherever you want
  • It’s one of the safest and secure methods to book LPG online 
  • Quite simple steps of booking without any hassle.

Book LPG Cylinder Online | Step by Step Online Gas Cylinder Refill Request

Now, let’s find out what are the possible ways using which you can request for cylinder refill online for all the top providers i.e. Indane, HP & Bharat Gas.

How can you book an Indane Gas LPG?

Indane has allowed its consumers to book cylinders online or in offline mode. Only registered customers can enjoy this service. It offers an online method of booking a cylinder with its Indane Gas application and the online portal. You can follow the given procedure here and know the stepwise process of booking LPG.

The offline way is to reach the dealership, SMS, or IVRS. It has become a trustworthy LPG company that earns the trust of millions of consumers. 

Refill Request with Online Portal

  • Visit the online portal of Indane Gas or use this link for going to the booking page directly
  • Make sure you have registered yourself by creating your account at
  • Now, log in with the ID you get and password
  • Enter the details asked in the form and submit it
  • Your order will be placed, and the confirmation will be sent to your SMS

Refill Request with IVRS

IVRS refers to the Interactive Voice Response System. You make a call depending on your region and do as the instruction says. It provides IVRS service in various languages, including- customer’s regional language, English and Hindi. Choose your preferred language and follow the methods. 

  • Select the preferred language, and you will be asked to give STD code too. Moreover, provide your distributor’s phone number. Before giving the exact number, don’t forget to apply your state STD code. 
  • The IVRS system will recognize the distributor, and it will tell the caller to share his consumer number. No need to say the alphabetical part of the consumer number. Suppose the consumer ID is AS2345, so remove AS and share the rest of the integral part.
  • Customers can get the consumer number from the recent cash memo or by contacting the distributor.
  • Now, it’s necessary to type the prefix, or you can also input suffix included in the alphabet of the customer number registered with the distributor.  
  • When your customer number is approved as valid, then this IVRS system tells the user about various services. Choose refill booking to book your LPG. 
  • After making the selection of a booking refill, your request for a new cylinder is registered. A reference number is generated on your name. This reference number is transmitted to your mobile number via text message.
  • Go to the link for getting the IVRS number of your distributor in your state and district. Select your state, district and distributor name and the page will display the IVRS number

Refill Request with SMS

If you have an issue in booking online, then you can do it using SMS service. Indane cares for its customers, and that’s why it has offered refill requests through SMS facility. 

  • Send the IOC to the IVRS number of your region. The list of IVRS numbers of the various region is given above. 
  • Suppose you are from Siliguri, and your distributor number is 456289, and your customer ID is AX003456C, then send the SMS as IOC 0353 456289 AX003456C.
  • Book subsequently by sending SMS IOC to the region number with the registered mobile number 

Refill Request through Mobile Application (App)

Consumers owning a laptop or smartphone can download the application of Indane Gas from Play Store or iTunes following some simple steps.

  • Register on the Indane Gas application using your mobile number. Besides, you have to provide an email address. An OTP will be sent for authentication
  • iPhone users can go to this link to download the application. Android users should search it on Play Store
  • When the registration completes, the app is ready for online booking. If you wish then pay for the reservation with debit or credit card (net banking is also available)
  • Introduction of the e-wallet system is made payment easier
  • Get the info of your customer ID, history, and much more with the Indane Gas application. 

Refill request at Agency

Go to the booking counter of your LPG distributor office and book the LPG by sharing customer number. Payment can be made when the cylinder will be delivered to your home.  

Book Bharat Gas LPG Cylinder Online, All Methods of Refill Request

Bharat Gas has always worked for the benefit of consumers by providing quality services. It is delivering the following methods of booking LPG.

Refill Request at Online Portal 

  • Visit the link and click at the new user option to register yourself. Fill the details asked like name and mobile number.
  • If your number is not registered then register it first by downloading the form and entering all the details.
  • You will get the sign-in information at the registered number.
  • Now, sign in to your account at the online portal and My LPG tab. All the options like booking, registering for the subsidy and others are available here.
  • Provide the delivery date and time.
  • You will get the confirmation of your order.

Refill Request with IVRS

IVRS system of each LPG company is operated for 24×7 that helps in booking and sending a refill request. 

  • Register your mobile number to the nearest LPG distributor, and you can do it as we told you in the above process
  • Now, when your number is registered, then make a call to the IVRS number of your region. You can refer to the following table for finding IVRS number of your state.
  • To see the list of IVRS number of various states, refer to this page

Refill Request with SMS

Contact your LPG distributor and get your phone number registered. They will provide you a form. You can download it from the online portal. When the number is registered, enter LPG on your phone and SMS it to 7715012345 or 7718012345. After the acceptance of the booking, an SMS notification will be sent to your number. 

Refill Request through Mobile Application

Download and Install Bharat Gas application on your android smartphone or iPhone and activate it by the following methods:

  • Enter Distributor code, consumer number, and mobile number
  • Tap submit after entering details.
  • Activation code will reach your number via SMS that you have to enter the app to activate it. 
  • Select a security code that needs to be entered every time you will use the app.
  • When enabled, book a refill and get the reference number after booking for future purpose.

Refill request at Agency

Visit the dealership for placing the order of a new cylinder. If you are not aware of your closest distributor address, open the Bharat Gas online portal that has the list of all the distributors. Search for yours by providing state and district details. 

HP Gas Cylinder Refill Online Request

HP Gas has become a renowned brand in the LPG industry. With this company, you can feel safe because it is serving the consumers with topmost quality of LPG. 

Refill Request at the online portal

  • HP customers who haven’t registered their number must register it at the HP online portal If you are an HP customer and have not registered at the online
  • Provide the following details- customer number, distributor name, and all the personal information asked.
  • Once registered, you can login to the HP Gas online portal by using the ID and password. Choose Book/refill option now.
  • Enter the required details and click submit at last.

Refill Request with IVRS

Allow auto-identification by registering your mobile number as a personal contact number at IVRS. With the HP Gas IVRS system, an alert of refill supplied, booking number, cash memo, etc. is sent thrice to the customer. Use the given numbers in the table for a refill request. The list of all the IVRS can be found on Google.

Refill Request with SMS

Like other LPG companies, SMS booking might not be available in your region. This brand is not running booking with SMS facility all over the nation.  

Refill Request through Mobile Application

Download the HP Gas application from the Play Store or iTunes. The app is easy to operate on your smartphone

  • Open Play Store on your Android device or iTunes on iPhone
  • Type “HP Gas” or use this link “” to install the application
  • After installation, activate it by entering the distributor code, mobile number, and consumer number
  • You will get an SMS containing an activation code
  • Rerun the app, and type the activation code when prompted 
  • The app asks you to add a password. Whenever you try to log in, it will ask you to enter this password. 

Refill request at Agency

Better to visit the agency directly and place the order for a new cylinder. All you have to share your address and consumer number to the person receiving your order. A search of your nearest distributor by visiting the online portal of HP Gas. 

Refill Request with Quick Book and Pay

  • Book your HP Gas cylinder by opening the link in a browser
  • You have two prospects to choose from “Quick Search” and “Normal Search.”
  • Add your distributor name and consumer number under quick search and type state, distributor name district, and consumer number under regular search option.
  • Enter the captcha code in the provided space and click on Proceed.
  • Log in now to book the cylinder.

Points to remember

  • You have to pay the market price of the cylinder after delivery of the cylinder
  • Consumers who have chosen subsidized cylinders will receive the subsidy in their account

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